The Secret to Training Motivation

How Do You Find Your Training Motivation?

I would say more often than not my clients come in admitting they’ve always struggled to stick with a rigid training program. Of any program.  Most never have in their whole lives and have failed over and over again when they have tried.

I used to struggle with this same thing personally. I found that I needed to experiment various training programs to keep things fresh and my motivation up. Just even knowing that I’ll be changing things up has always helped me, even on the more rigid plans. I’m not suggesting we all change our training all the time without rhyme or reason, but I am saying that it’s often helpful when keeping things interesting and fresh by changing things around here and there. I like options.  For me, and my clients.

The Most Important Thing

Pellegrino Fitness Caveman TrainingYou’ve probably heard the saying, “Those who fail to plan are planning to fail”? This isn’t necessarily true. What if those who fail to get and stay motivated plan to fail? I feel like motivation is about the most important thing you need if you want to get results because no matter what promises lie ahead, what program you are on, and what your ‘needs’ are, if you aren’t motivated you won’t stick to it and you won’t benefit from it.  Lose that and you won’t get results for long and will end up right back where you started.

Anything that gets you motivated to train hard, that gets you amped up and eager to get to the gym, will give your amazing results.

For some, it can be doing a “celebrity” program. (“I’m training like Klokov!”) For others, it can be doing a program that’s written by a top coach.

And for many people, it’s always finding a new toy to play with or not knowing what the challenge of the day will be until arriving in the gym. CrossFit classes for example.

Regardless of what gets your juices flowing, find it, and don’t let others detract you from how you want to train. Anything that gets you training is a good thing!

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