PR Fitness Personal Training


Are you completely frustrated with the way you look and feel? Are you looking into the mirror, not fitting into clothes and simply feeling fed up? Maybe you know exactly what you need to do and just want some accountability. Our 1-on-1 Personal Training is 100% customized to help you address these issues and help you reach your personal goals.


Small Group Training is an alternative to 1-on-1 Personal Training.  The philosophy and methodology is the same except with the added benefit of developing and sharing with friends!  Program design, while not as specific to each individual’s goals, will take into account the collective goals of the group, and is a more affordable form of Personal Training because of the shared cost.

We also have a Design Your Own Boot Camp where group classes can be held for select small groups whether it be a company wellness program, a couple of friends, or a local team.

Boot Camp Training at Pellegrino Ringi Fitness
PR Fitness Strength Training


Using free weights, machines, and a variety of other implements we incorporate various Strength Training methods based upon on the target goal such for each client.  Strength training can incorporate a variety of methods including circuit training, powerlifitng, super sets, superslow, and Olympic Lifting. It all depends on the needs of the client and their specific goals.  Often mixing these techniques at different times can create consistent results.


We customize your nutritional program based on your metabolic type, goals, activity level and lifestyle. Our Nutritional Counseling approach has helped hundreds of clients lose a significant amount of body fat, fast! Dads’ looking to get rid of the ‘Dad Bod’, mom’s looking to get in great shape, athletes looking to get leaner…whatever the goal we will help you customize a plan that you can afford, that you can stick to, and that will get results!