Over 40 Fitness Tips

Fitness Over 40 – Top 10 Tips To Stay Fit as You Get Older

There is no doubt the question “fitness over 40” is a matter of discourse in most doctor’s offices, social groups and between friends. Older people may complain because they can no longer climb flights of stairs due to uncomfortable knee, back or hip pain.

In the not so distant past, starting an over 40 fitness program would have been considered a waste of time. It was commonly thought that once you turned 40 it was too late to get in shape. But exercise science has proven that you can become fit and healthy at any age.

Muscle loss and decreased cardiovascular fitness are not the normal result of aging; they’re primarily the result of a sedentary lifestyle. Once the average inactive person reaches age 65, they will have lost up to 40% of their muscle mass and aerobic capacity compared to when they were young adults. You can prevent this physical decline by remaining active as you age.

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