Bike Sprints For Quads and Thighs

Everyone wants to work their legs and it’s true that you could simply say, “Squat” and that would take care of it.  Squats would work their thighs, their quads, their hamstrings, lower back, etc.  It’s the king of all exercises. With that being said there are many other ways to train your legs and specifically to focus in on your quads and thighs.  I get these requests a lot actually, and for a variety of reasons my clients and I are always working on new, creative ways to train.  It keeps things fresh mentally and physically.

For example, have you ever thought of using your bike to train your legs?  Not just for conditioning, but to strengthen and tone your legs?  Let me tell you that if done properly you will absolutely hate the stationary bike while falling in love with the results you can get from it. We like to do Bike Sprints specifically. Bike sprints aren’t the equivalent to squats for leg growth, but they definitely work the quads when done properly.  Have you ever seen the thighs of a sprint cyclists. They are lean, muscular, and so impressive!

There are so many ways to implement bike sprints. Some people like to do their sprints based on time, while others prefer to go by distance. Both are fine, but start with a distance that puts you in the 15-30 second range for each sprint, doing 3-4 intervals per workout and working up from there, either increasing the distance of the sprints, increasing the total intervals, or both.

Here’s an example of one (painful) Tabata workout with 8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

If you want to try this but don’t have a bike stop on by our Lynchburg location on Wards Road.  We have everything you need and I would love to take you through a workout to see what you think for yourself!

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